the top 5 tips for traveling to Israel

What no one is preparing you for; Weird Tips on Traveling to Israel

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When traveling to a new country that you have never been to before, preparing for your upcoming trip can be daunting. We have compiled a list of the most practical, and unique tips to make your trip to the fascinating country that is Israel an experience of a lifetime. Whether you are doing a solo trip to Israel, or with your family, Israel can provide vacations for every type of traveler, whether you are looking for a beach vacation, religious experience, or cultural deep dive, Israel has it.

Looking for some advice for a trip to Israel? We have got the top 5 tips for traveling to Israel that no one else will tell you. Here are the unique and weird tips for visiting Israel to properly prepare you for the trip of a lifetime.

#1 -Ditch the fancy clothing

Israel is the queen of casual wear, even if you will be going to the most luxurious restaurant, or the classiest wedding, you will not see anyone in a three piece suit and dress shoes. There is no need to bring your nicest pieces, when a nice pair of white sneakers and some dress pants will be suitable. Israelis do not do dress wear at all, so a cute dress and some sandals would be appropriate for any sort of event, even professional. Pack light, pack smart, and bring items that can be dressed up or down, as they will have that versatility in smartness that would be suitable to all events.

#2 - Use Public Transportation

Israel has great public transportation in the major cities as well as inter-city, especially the train and light rail systems which circumvent traffic times. If you find yourself traveling to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, it will be easier to go via public transportation and taking a taxi when you can, as parking and traffic is notorious in these major cities. People can spend up to an hour looking for suitable parking, and it is more cost and time effective to use public transportation and taxis than a private vehicle. Learn more of Israel’s Railway Services and where to travel via train here.

#3 - Plan for the Saturday/Holiday

Usually when visiting Israel you can visit, explore and experience without much planning in advance, so don’t stress to make an itinerary prior because everything is very accessible and you can always find information the day of for a great day trip. The only time we recommend planning in advance, is over the Shabbat and Religious Holidays that may fall out over your visit. Shabbat is the weekly holiday that starts sundown on Friday, and ends after sunset on Saturday evening. Israel grinds to a halt over Saturday, and many attractions, restaurants and shops will be shut in observance of the day. Additionally, there will be no public transportation over these 26 hours at all. Plan in advance what you can see and where to eat over Shabbat, so you're not left a little lost when the country seems to shut down. If you are looking for information on how to spend Saturday in Israel; read the guide here.

#4 - Brace Yourself for the Desert Climate and Dust

Since Israel is a desert climate, there is an obscene amount of invisible dust. If you are staying in a private home or Airbnb, and leave the windows open for too long, be prepared for the floors to slowly gather more and more dust, especially in the summer when it hasn't rained in a while. Additionally, travelers may find it slightly difficult to adjust and may find themselves sneezing or coughing till they can get adjusted, especially in Jerusalem and the places that are in the south of Israel. Because of the dusty and dry weather, bring a good facial moisturizer and cleanser to keep your skin healthy, especially if you are not used to desert climate.

#5 - Dress in Layers

Even though Israel is not a very large country, the climates in different areas of the country vary drastically. If you are traveling to Israel, whatever the season, there will always be a place that is cooler, or warmer than the next. For example the Tel Aviv area will always be warmer than Jerusalem, especially in the winter. And in the summer months, Jerusalem heat can be very intense, but when the sun sets, you will need a jacket to stay comfortable. And in the freezing winter, you will find that being in the sun for a little bit will warm you right up, and if you are all bundled up, it can be uncomfortable. So dress in layers whatever the season.

To Summarize

Israel is a highly unique country, and is a great place to travel to. With adequate preparation, your trip to Israel will make it to the top countries you will have ever visited. Learn more about emergency and medical services in Israel by clicking here. Learn more on how to explore Tel Aviv and the best places to visit by reading our Tel Aviv Guidebook.

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