How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Updated: Aug 4

Congratulations! You have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with! Making the decision to buy an expensive piece of jewelry brings anxiety to many couples, but don’t worry! We will guide you through the entire process!

1. Budget

Buying an engagement ring is undeniably an expense, because of the sentiment and the value of a physical representation of your commitment. But going through bankruptcy for a ring is most definitely NOT preferable ‘engagement ring buying behavior’. Don’t look at average price, and do not drain your finances. Look at your numbers, look at your savings, and intellectually calculate what works for you. Don’t feel that you have to unreasonably stretch yourself because there are viable options that fit your budget! Even if you want a big diamond for your ring with a limited budget, understanding how diamonds are evaluated and what contributes to their price, will enable you to find the perfect ring.

2. Design

Diamond or gemstone? There are no rules when it comes to engagement rings, and it’s a personal choice to have a diamond ring, or a gemstone ring. Gemstone engagement rings are highly popular, and Princess Di having the most famous engagement ring (blue sapphire) proves there is no correct or incorrect stone for an engagement ring. All fingers are different, and therefore different styles will look and feel different for every person. Try on different stone shapes and different styles of rings (think of halo, cathedral, side stone, infinity etc), to see what works and what doesn’t! A good source for inspiration is Pintrest, Instagram and fashion articles.

Proposal with a diamond engagement ring in nature

3. Jewelry Shopping

You can buy engagement rings in jewelry stores, and even online! When it comes to buying an engagement ring, apart from style you should be looking to see if you have been given a competitive price. To understand if the price you have been given is fair, read the certificate from a certified gemological institution to see the carat, clarity cut and color of the stone, and go to a different jewelry designer and ask about prices for stones that match the qualifications from your original piece. You can also research online to see what the going rate is for a ring or stone that you’re interested in. It should be in a similar price range, and may take you a visit to two or three different jewelry designers to understand what the general price is for a piece you’re interested in. Understanding the market in your area will enable you to understand if a piece is too cheap and not trustworthy, or if it’s too expensive and they might be trying to rip you off, or charging extra for the “brand”. When it comes to purchasing diamonds, there are no ‘really good’ deals, because of the competitive market. Ensure that all the pieces you are looking for contain a certificate from a certified gemological institution and research the company you are considering purchasing from, and read customer reviews.

4. Paying for your ring

You can either pay all upfront, but most jewelry designers have the option to pay on a monthly basis. Research what works best for you and your budget and you will find which jewelry designer suits your needs best.

A womens hands crossed and wearing a ruby engagement ring

And that’s all there is to it! Now you go get yourself betrothed! Congratulations!

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