Honeymoon in Israel

Updated: Aug 17

Israel is a great tourist destination and it is on so many bucket lists. When people think of locations for a romantic honeymoon, Israel is not the first place to come to people's mind. The first thought when thinking of Israel can either be religion, or innovation. And when looking for spots to have the most romantic getaway, Israel is never even an option. But why not? Israel has spots from the range of themed vacations. Resort getaway? Israel has it! Beach vacay? Israel has it! Skiing trip? Israel has it! Nature and farming hideaway? Israel has it! City life exploration? Israel has it! Point is, there is so much more that Israel offers than just religion and technology.

City Life Exploration:

My favorite kind of trip is visiting popular cities. Eating local cuisine, museums and art galleries, visiting popular spots, and just getting the general feel of the country you're visiting. Tel Aviv is the city to explore. You can get lost for months in this expanse, diverse and alive city. The culture oozes out of every corner, the cuisine is unbeatable, museums and galleries found in this immense city are hard to beat. The level of luxury that can be found in this city, combined with the people makes Tel Aviv a great city to honeymoon in. From quaint cafes, alleyways plastered in graffiti, beaches to dream of and culture that captivates you Tel Aviv needs more than a day to experience the life and heart of this small country. Find our recommended accommodations, and activities here.

View of the coastline in Tel Aviv

Resort Getaway:

Thinking of beaches, cocktails, coral reefs, dolphins and luxe hotels? Eilat has everything you can dream of when planning a beach resort honeymoon. This spot is the most southern place in Israel and you can see the mountains of Jordan from almost any angle. With perfect weather year round, tax exemption, and the perfect place for water sports, Eilat is world renowned for that perfect vacation. Swim with dolphins, go scuba diving, clubbing, spa days and so much more, this romantic spot will have you wanting to stay forever.

Dolphin in water

Skiing Trip:

Winter honeymoon? What can be better than skiing down snowy slopes with your brand new partner. The fresh air, adrenaline, and camaraderie are hard to beat when thinking of that fun yet romantic honeymoon. Find a resort on Mt. Hermon, Israel's most northern mountain for a trip to remember. Start the days off with the ski lift, and spend the rest of the day skiing down your favorite slopes, and unwind in the hot tub, with your favorite drink and brand new spouse. Nothing could be more romantic than cuddles by a fireplace after an exhausting and exhilarating day and Mt. Hermon provides that perfect place for your own winter wonderland.

Mount Hermon

Cabin Fever:

Thinking of wooden cabins surrounded by lush rolling hills? That quiet unforgettable getaway? The Golan Heights hits the spot for that quiet romantic honeymoon to unwind from the stress of wedding planning. Surrounded by stunning scenery and overlooking the Sea of the Galilee, find that perfect cabin to call home for your trip. With endless amounts of hikes, hidden waterfalls, wineries and animals, your trip here will definitely not be boring. The perfect hideaway to have your romantic bubble whilst away, The Golan Heights delivers on everything one can be looking for! Surrounded by nature, views that can not be beaten, wine and vineyards that are lush, hot tubs, jacuzzis, fireplaces and most importantly; the silence. Come back from your honeymoon reborn!

Romantic wooden cabin in nature with a sunset refracting

In summary, Israel is a tiny country, and not many travelers know of the off the beaten road attractions that Israel holds. Always wanted to visit Israel but unsure if it's the right place for a romantic getaway? Well now you know that Israel delivers in every aspect for that perfect dream honeymoon.

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