Day Trips in Tel Aviv

You find yourself in the heart of Israel, the most modern and progressive city in the Middle East; here is how to take advantage of the city that never sleeps.

Tel Aviv is on the west coast of Israel, overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Ocean. This hip city hosts one of the most significant Pride parades, once a year, where thousands of visitors flock to be part of. This is indicative of Tel Aviv’s motto ‘come as you are’. There is no generic Tel Avivian, and everyone is highly different and unique, but with the running theme of creativity, freedom and fashion. Here is a great way to make the most of your day trip in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Coast with Buildings and Rolling waves
Tel Aviv Coast

The food scene in Tel Aviv is unlike any other city. This city is like a Mecca for vegans, vegetarians and those with unique dietary requirements. In Tel Aviv, if you are a vegetarian, you are with the majority. Every single restaurant you will find will have endless vegan and vegetarian dishes for you to try. If you have no dietary requirements, you will be surprised how vegan and vegetarian dishes are elevated. What you eat does not have to be part of an itinerary, as wherever you go in Tel Aviv, you are guaranteed to find an endless array of options that are fresh and delicious, and since we are sure to be hungry every few hours, take that into account when creating your itinerary for a day trip in Tel Aviv but also know, you don’t have to worry about where you go and if you can find a nourishing and tasty bite to eat. But should you be looking for an experience, find the top rated restaurants in Tel Aviv here.

hands holding A fresh Falafel Pita with Hummus and an orange sauce
Falafel in Pita

Must Sees in Tel Aviv

Obviously one day is not enough to see everything in Tel Aviv, but we will try to compact everything so when the day is over, you can say; ‘I have done Tel Aviv’. Thankfully, a day trip in Tel Aviv is fairly accessible with most of its attractions within walking distance. Another way to get around is with Tel Aviv’s endless accessibility of bikes for rent, and electric scooters. Additionally, a lot of hotels in Tel Aviv offer bike rentals for their guests to enable easy travel around the beautiful city. Like any city, with Tel Aviv traffic, getting around by car isn’t the most efficient way to see the most in such a short amount of time, so we recommend to see Tel Aviv by foot, or other mode of transportation. As a side note, drivers in Israel are not as ‘calm’ as other countries so we recommend using the bike lanes that are new and modern, and can be found in almost every part of the city.


Start your day trip in Tel Aviv in Jaffa, the Old City of Tel Aviv. A port city constructed of ancient Israel stone, is south of central Tel Aviv but most luxury hotels can be found in Jaffa. It's a great place to start a day trip in Tel Aviv here, as you get to dive straight into Tel Aviv’s culture and beauty. Jaffa Clock Tower can be found in the center of Jaffa and is quite the sightseeing spot. Grab a picture here and learn the history of this Ottoman piece of architecture. Another must see in Jaffa, is the Jaffa Flea Market where everyone is selling the oddest pieces and you are guaranteed to find something that is worthy of bringing home. Don’t be shy to bargain as not only is it customary, it's most definitely expected. Should you have some spare time, visit the Great Mosque, which was built during the Ottoman rule. The unique architecture of this building is a great way to learn the history of this ancient city.

The port city of Jaffa with the sun setting, and a boat on the water in the foreground with the tower of Jaffa in the background

Florentin and Neve Zedek

Florentin is the heart of Tel Aviv’s hipster lifestyle. With street artists, homely cafes, and the general aura of being thrown back into the ‘50’s. It's worth a stroll around to see this famed neighborhood, as well as to get to know your way around should you like to join the insane nightlife culture later on in the day, with bars packed with young and hip patrons, endless alcohol, and great music.

Neighboring Florentin is Neve Zedek. This bougie neighborhood is home to beautiful buildings, instagram worthy cafes, boutique stores that range from clothing, art, jewelry and other homemade items as well as endless art galleries of world renowned artists. If you were to spend the most time in any neighborhood in your day trip in Tel Aviv, we hands-down recommend Neve Zedek which feels like stepping into a whole other beautiful world. For an aesthetically pleasing afternoon, wander through Neve Zedek for memories (and pictures) that you will always remember fondly.

A man and woman playing a game of chess in a street cafe with passerby's looking over.

Carmel Market

Throwing you right back into loud Israeli culture, head to Carmel Market to be launched right back into the life of Israel. With vendors shouting their wares, Tel Avivians doing their weekly shop, Carmel Market is an extremely entertaining place to find yourself. With world-class street food, endless coffee, beer and alcohol, and an overwhelmingly lively atmosphere, Carmel Market is a must see. Carmel Market is a great place to find the best falafel and hummus you will ever have. You can find anything here, from books, art, produce, mementos to bring home, clothing and knock-off luxury items, be sure to not lose time here as it is so easy to lose track of time in this lively area of Tel Aviv. If you are looking for other places to shop and explore, check out the top places to shop in Tel Aviv here, should you find the time.

Blue Hamsa's for sale. Handmade Art for sale in Carmel Market
Carmel Market

Wind Down

After a day of bustling amidst the booming city of Tel Aviv, there is still the opportunity to experience Israel’s culture without the noise and traveling. There are endless museums that are worth checking out that can be the perfect way to recuperate from a wild day of traveling. Another great way to unwind whilst still exploring is visiting the heart of the diamond world for a relaxing way to learn more about Israel’s significant diamond industry as well as history and culture.

To summarize, there are endless things to do and see for all ages in Tel Aviv, and just because you are there for the day, doesn’t mean you don't get to experience it to the fullest. Happy traveling!

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