Day Trips From Tel Aviv with Kids

Traveling is never easy, especially with children but here we list the best day trips from Tel Aviv with kids to make your trip fabulous. Thankfully, Israel is one of the most child-friendly countries in the world. With an extremely high percentage of the population being children, they are never seen as a hindrance here. So if you are looking to travel and explore a new country with children, Israel is the place to do it. Being based in the center of Israel, day trips from Tel Aviv with kids provides you access to every attraction with minimal travelling. With playgrounds and parks everywhere, with little effort you can always find entertainment for your children.

Day trips from Tel Aviv with kids are extremely easy, as any place you go, whether that's an excursion, transportation or restaurant, you will find how every place in Israel caters to children of all ages. So don’t think you have to alter the things you, the adults want to do or see; because of your children.

If you are looking to have a day trip from Tel Aviv with kids that will specifically interest children of all ages, we will list the best places to go see that will guarantee entertainment for your children, and make for a very memorable day trip from Tel Aviv with kids.

Ramat Gan Safari Park

Located just 5 miles outside of Tel Aviv, The Ramat Gan Safari Park is the perfect day trip from Tel Aviv with kids. With so many things to do and see, children of all ages as well as parents are guaranteed to be highly entertained and stimulated. With a very large collection of all sorts of animals, you can explore the huge safari from the comfort of your own car. There is also a modern outdoor zoo, so you can expect to get out and let the kids blow off some steam. Should you not have a car, there is a guided train that will take you and your family around. This is a great way to have a day trip from Tel Aviv with kids as it isn't a seasonal trip. With warmer weather all year round in the center of Israel, you can do this trip in the summer and winter without it affecting your experience much. Additionally, the Safari is open on Saturday for visitors, so should you find yourself without much to do on Israel’s day of rest (as most attractions and venues of entertainment will be closed on Saturday) it's a great place to spend the day. You can spend many hours here so don't forget to bring food and snacks for your family. You can find the link to the Ramat Gan Safari Park website here.


Located on the Sea of the Galilee, AquaKef is a huge floating water park that will wipe your children (and yourself) out. With views to dream of, slides, trampolines and so much more, it's a great way to explore the Kinneret and the Sea of Galilee whilst still keeping your children entertained. AquaKef is for children 6+, and they are guaranteed to have a great time! There is a beach right next door with a lifeguard, toilet facilities and beach paraphernalia to unwind. There can be private bookings from schools and day camps, so ensure you book your tickets prior! You can find the link to AquaKef website here.

Bloomfield Science Museum

Another great day trip from Tel Aviv for kids, is the Bloomfield Science Museum. Located in Jerusalem, and catering to an interactive and hands-on experience for children of all ages, it’s a great way to keep your children entertained in an educational manner. With a focus on Israeli inventions and creations, this is a wonderful way to teach your children of Israeli culture and innovation, in an interesting and child-friendly way. You can find the link to Bloomfield Science Museum here.

Beach Day

If you are based in Tel Aviv, the best day trip from Tel Aviv for kids, is obviously a beach day. With beach weather from March till October, a beach day is a guaranteed family fun day for kids of all ages. Umbrellas and beach loungers are readily available for rent and lifeguards are on watch at designated hours to keep you and your family safe. There are endless options for a nice family lunch on the beach, and a lot of beach playgrounds to keep your children entertained. Catch some rays of sun with your kids frolicking in the blue ocean, you are sure to catch pictures to last a lifetime and have exhausted children at the end of the day. July and August can get very hot midday, so be sure to plan around the hours with the highest UV ray index. Whatever month you go to the beach in Tel Aviv, ensure you bring adequate sun protection, because Israeli sun is notoriously strong without you even realizing it. Find the best beach for you here.

Point is: traveling to Israel with children will be one of the easiest places to go and day trips from Tel Aviv with kids will be a pleasure. With children everywhere, and a general atmosphere of welcoming and joy toward parents and their children, wherever you may find yourself in this country, you can be sure to find more than enough entertainment for them and yourself! Happy traveling!

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