Day Trips from Tel Aviv to Haifa

Updated: Sep 18

Haifa is the northern port city of Israel, and it welcomes an influx of tourists every single year, who explore its beaches, and so many other amazing attractions. Because of Israel’s smaller size, day trips from Tel Aviv to Haifa are accessible, easy and attractive to people of all ages. Whilst there is so much to see in Tel Aviv, and we know you can spend months in Tel Aviv still exploring and seeing new places, Haifa is a city that is well-worth the trip up north.

Panoramic View of Haifa

If you are arriving via a cruise, there is a high chance that you will be docking in Haifa, as a large percentage of cruise ships use the Haifa port, so here is everything you need to know to have the most wonderful day trip from Tel Aviv to Haifa.

How far is Tel Aviv to Haifa and How to Get There

Tel Aviv and Haifa are both on the west coast of Israel, so it is just a matter of following the coast north. Because traffic is notorious in Israel, the two hour drive can easily turn into a three hour journey, so ensure you are planning your day trip from Tel Aviv to Haifa avoiding the drive during peak hours.

You can get to Haifa via public transportation, and you can catch a bus from Tel Aviv to Haifa pretty often, and the buses will run later then the trains will so if you are caught in a pickle, there is a high probability there will be a bus to transport you to or from Haifa.

Haifa Beaches with The city faded in the background
Haifa Beaches

There are three main train stations in Haifa that you can catch a train to from Tel Aviv. The train is the quickest way to get to Haifa, with the train journey only taking one hour and fifteen minutes, which is drastically shorter than by private vehicle, even with no traffic. The Israel railway service is modern and comfortable and is a great way to get to see Israeli countryside. Learn more about tickets and train stations in Tel Aviv here.


Like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Haifa is the third largest, and significant city in Israel. With world-class universities, culture and sights, Haifa is a multicultural melting pot where Jews and Arabs live peacefully together. Unlike Tel Aviv, which is a flat terrain and easy to get around by bike, Haifa is a mountainous and hilly terrain as it is set upon the Mt. Carmel. Haifa has a great subway system that will provide transport to most major attractions, so don’t worry about accessibility or how to travel around the immense city.

Since Haifa is fairly close to the Galilee, and other Carmel Areas, make the most of your trip up north to check out the beautiful landscapes that northern Israel has.

Baha’i Gardens

The most notable site in Haifa is the Baha’i Gardens. Part of the Baha’i World Center, and it's a place of pilgrimage to those of the Baha'i Faith. A visit to the Baha’i Gardens is truly memorable as it can very easily become a profoundly meditative experience. There is a tangible atmosphere of calmness here and being surrounded by such beauty, dedication and care of the land, with beautiful views, makes the Baha’i Gardens a must see.

The Baha’i Gardens sits on a terraced slope and is in constant pristine condition. It is placed in the center of Haifa, and the top of the garden provides a beautifully framed panoramic view of the ocean and the city of Haifa.

In the summer months, it can get very warm, so make sure to bring water and good shoes, as many paths are pebbled. The Baha’i Gardens are welcoming to everyone, but it is recommended to dress modestly. Remember to bring your camera and be prepared for jaw dropping views.

The Baha'i Gardens with a blue sky in the background
The Baha'i Gardens

Haifa Cable Cars

Because of its mountainous terrain, Haifa has their own cable cars to provide access to sites that are at the top and bottom of the landscape. Apart from a means of transportation, the cable cars are a great way to see the beautiful city of Haifa from a viewpoint like no other.

At the summit, you can visit the Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery, and Elijah’s Cave to explore this popular tourist site.

Three orange Cable Cars in Haifa with the ocean in the background and blue sky
Haifa Cable Cars

Madatech - Israel National Museum of Science Technology and Space

This interactive and tactile science museum is a great visit especially for children. It is the largest science museum in Israel and you can even visit the palm tree that Albert Einstein planted in 1923. It is set in the Technion campus and is a huge tourist attraction.

Your day trip from Tel Aviv to Haifa is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Because of Haifa’s location, it is very easy to have notable pit-stops on your day trip from Tel Aviv to Haifa. You can stop off to explore the old city of Ako, and the amphitheater of Caesarea, since it won't even take a detour from your trip to Haifa. Going to Haifa from Tel Aviv is a great way to check off many things on your bucket list with little effort, as all these major attractions are on the way to Haifa. Check out how to get to Ako on the way to Haifa here. Happy Traveling!

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