Unveiling the Israel Diamond Exchange - A peek inside the world of diamonds;


TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, May 30, 2022: IsraelTours4U announced that they will be running tours inside the Israel Diamond Exchange for tourists visiting Israel. Known for its exclusivity and invite-only policy, The Israel Diamond Exchange is now accessible for tourists wishing to have an immersive experience inside the Israel Diamond Exchange with the tour company, IsraelTours4U.


The Israel Diamond Exchange, being the largest diamond exchange in the world, has been closed off for all those wishing to explore the immense diamond world that is found in the outskirts of Tel Aviv, Israel. IsraelTours4U, is currently the only tour company that brings its clientele to explore the history, economy and the practicalities of the Israel diamond trade within the Israeli Exchange. The private tour takes you to one of the oldest running diamond cutting factories in Israel, explores the Diamond District, and ultimately through the doors of the Diamond Exchange.


 “Diamonds culminate in over 20% of Israel’s exports and we think it's important to share this booming part of the Israeli industry with our tourists” says Sihan Samidor the CEO of IsraelTours4U. 


IsraelTours4u was founded to bring a new aspect of visiting israel. They found that tourists all visited, explored and learned the same aspects, no matter which tour company they used. IsraelTours4U, understanding the consumer brought another dimension to the touring industry. 



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